LCCT Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Luiz Claudio Combat Team (LCCT) was created by Luiz Claudio (3x world champion 4th degree black belt under Rickson Gracie) teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and fitness with his brother Thiago Veiga 2x world champion 3rd degree black belt. Both brothers started their journey in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Rickson Gracie in their early 20’s. Falling in love with the gentle art, the brothers started competing regularly and saw the sloppy results of knockoff Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teachings. They decided to open their own academy, so that they could teach Rickson Gracie’s philosophies to other parts of the country. Luiz and Thiago continue to train under Rickson Gracie. Because they only train under the best, they are able to produce world-class Jiu Jitsu athletes and UFC/MMA champions.

Fighters that utilize LCCT techniques do not win matches because of luck. They win because of the hard work, attention to detail and the years of developing a strong LCCT foundation, that Luiz and Thiago created. These things are what makes the difference between LCCT Jiu Jitsu and the rest. Belts are not given on a whim or bought. They are earned with a test on the fundamentals that are diligently broken down and taught.

LCCT is a family, a support system that thrives off one another accomplishments. If you are looking for a home, then you are welcomed onto their mats. This is a growing family, with hundreds of people practicing LCCT techniques in 15 academies across the country. Luiz and Thiago travel to these academies often holding seminars, teaching new techniques and for belt testing.

Are you looking to better your game or find a BJJ family that is not just a cookie cutter corporation? Then click here for information about affiliation with LCCT.