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About Us

LCCT is a gym dedicated to bringing only the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu around and other martial arts to you. Our two head coaches learned their craft directly from the great Rickson Gracie (and continue to train under him to this day) and are here to pass their knowledge to you.

The Gym

At LCCT, everyone works together so we can all grow as a team. We offer a wide array of classes for both kids and adults. Training with us expands your world of skill beyond that of your traditional gym. Belts are not awarded, they are earned and we work hard so that you can reach further than you can imagine.

We are proud to have trained and worked with many professional fighters such as Ben Rothwell, Juliana Pena, Marina Marosa, Ricardo Lamas and many others. Training with us gives you an opportunity meet and train with these people on occasion and maybe one day, we can help you turn into a pro yourself!

Signing up is as simple as giving us a call at 773-554-8384 or dropping by to visit us at 1154 S Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL.

If our main location is out of reach, you're in luck! We have many affiliations and connections across the country. Below, you will find some information on many gyms that we work with.

Rothwell MMA
Instructor: Luiz Claudio & Thiago Veiga
7600 75th St,
Suite 107
Kenosha, WI

MidSouth LCCT Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy
Instructors: Stan White and David Moulton
100 Commercial Dr
Atoka, TN

Kola BJJ
Instructor: Kola Ajose
1842 23rd
St San Pablo, CA

Team Zingano
Instructor: Matt Simms
2790 Industrial Ln
Broomfield, CO

Iowa Top Team Mixed Martial Arts
Instructor: Todd Monagham
335 5th Ave S
Clinton, IA

Victory Academy
Instructor: Kenneth Schuster
1015 Ekstam Dr
Bloomington, IL

Atlas Fit and Youth Club
Instructor: David Ruffian Rhoads
W213N16802 Industrial Dr.
Jackson, WI

Fox Valley Grappling Club
Instructor: James Peterson
801 W. College Ave
Appleton, WI