Question: When can I spar?
Answer: At least 90 days after you start training with us.

Question: Is Jiu-Jitsu really for me?
Answer: YES! Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone, it is a lifestyle. Your age doesn’t matter. It is never too late to start!

  • Please come to class on time. The warm up is extremely important for you. Warming up prevents injuries.
  • Practice good hygiene. Cut your nails, wash your hair, wash your body, smell good. Nobody wants to train with the “smelly guy/girl.”
  • PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLES. We provide the water, you are responsible for your bottles.
  • Wash your uniform!. Bacteria grows in moist dirty environment. Don’t expose your training partners and yourself to bacteria that can lead to contagious skin infections. If you do have a skin infection, make the instructors aware.
  • Asking questions will not only help you, it will help your training partners. After the instructor has shown the technique of the day, it’s okay to ask questions. We are all here to learn from each other.
  • TAP!!! It is perfectly fine to tap. If you are caught in a submission and feel pain, tap. You will only get injured if you don’t. To tap is to learn. On the other hand, do not hold a submission after someone has already tapped. We aren’t in class to break each other’s limbs.
  • Train as often as you can. If you are going to do something, be the best at it, and to be the best you have to train hard!
  • Remember that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is about position and control before submission.
  • Stay home if you are sick. This is a contact sport, and you could get others sick.

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